Information for Faculty

Many of the service areas participating in the GSLI work closely with faculty across campus to provide in- or out-of-class sessions, tailored to the skill development needs of a particular cohort, assignment, course, discipline, or program.  These can be one-time or multiple sessions, as determined by your students’ needs. GSLI services can also combine their expertise to meet the unique learning needs of your students. Please see details about collaborative programming.

All units are happy to provide print resources or in-class information sessions about their services for your graduate students, TAs, or colleagues teaching graduate courses.  Online tutorials are also available for some topics. For further information on customized sessions, please contact the staff listed below:


Co-operative Education & Career Services

Career information, including:

  • Personal statements
  • Writing a CV and cover letter
  • Interview strategies
  • Interpretation of interest
  • Personality assessments

Contact: Jana McDonald
ex. 56342

Data Resource Centre

  • Databases, data manipulation, analysis or interpretation, data search strategies
  • Geospatial and GIS data



  • Graduate Student Learning Initiative (GSLI) – overview of services available

Contact: Maryann Kope 
ex. 58313

Learning Services

Academic and professional skills in the sciences, including:

  • Exam preparation strategies for integrative, oral, and comprehensive exams
  • Time management, project management, controlling procrastination and perfectionism
  • Presentation skills, including designing and presenting posters
  • Effective group work strategies

Contact: Jason Dodd 
ex. 58114

Academic and professional skills in the arts and social sciences, including:

  • Exam preparation strategies for integrative, oral, and comprehensive exams
  • Time management, project management, controlling procrastination and perfectionism
  • Presentation skills
  • Critical reading
  • Effective group work strategies

Contact: Joannah O'Hatnick 

Library Services for Faculty

Contact: Library Learning & Curriculum Support Team 
ex. 58434

Office of Research

  • Protecting intellectual property arising from research
  • Scholarly project and research management including finance, COI, certifications, knowledge mobilization, information management, and research integrity

Contact: Jill Rogers 

Open Learning and Educational Support

  • Teaching skills

Contact: Erin Aspenlieder 
ex. 58090

Writing Services

Contact: Kim Garwood
ex. 56350

Collaborative Programming

The services participating in the GSLI, including Learning Services, Writing Services, the Data Resource Centre, and the Library, have collaborated to develop a menu of twelve core workshops to support the development of graduate student learning writing, research and other professional skills. In collaboration with faculty, these workshops can be customized in various ways to meet the specific learning needs of your students.

At the course level, workshops can be customized to meet your learning objectives, and to address the development of a particular skill, such as academic presentation skills.

At the program level, a series of related workshops can be delivered in sequence, synchronized with course requirements and objectives, to address broader skills areas, such as writing and research, time/project management, and goalsetting.

At the department level, any combination of workshops can be integrated into research seminars or proseminar courses to supplement the learning, writing, research, data analysis and geo-spatial skills required by the discipline. Examples include developing a literature review, experimental design, and interpreting and presenting data.

The menu of core workshops includes:

  • Developing a literature review - 3 parts:

    • Part I - developing your research question
    • Part II – effective literature searching strategies
    • Part III – organizing and writing your literature review
  • Managing information sources
  • Time management and procrastination
  • Writing for your audience
  • Experimental design
  • Data analysis
  • Bringing research and writing together
  • Presenting and interpreting results
  • Academic presentation skills – 2 parts, poster and oral

For more information on customized programming for your graduate students, please contact Maryann Kope, GSLI Chair, at extension 58313 or